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Help people with Down Syndrome
March 21 is the International Day of People with Down Syndrome and the global action "LOTS OF SOCKS".
You are special!
Charity organization to help people with Down syndrome
Maria | 2 years
Semen | 3 years
You and I have 46 chromosomes, and people with Down Syndrome have one more - 47

Approximately one in every 700 newborns worldwide are born with Down Syndrome. One child with such a chromosomal abnormality is born in Ukraine almost every day.
The birth of such a child does not depend on:
About Syndrome
Arsen 3 years
the lifestyle of parents
their status
neither from health, bad habits
nationality or religion
They are like us, they just need support:
By helping such children, we bring universal values to our society. We change society - we make it more tolerant.
By increasing the competence of parents in this situation, we return them to a full life as active members of society.
When a child with special needs is raised in a family and receives qualified professional help - it grows and develops harmoniously in society.
Children with Down syndrome can be socialized and taught. They can be useful to society, we just need to help them and their parents from the first days of life, as well as properly build education and care.

We all work together to make people with Down Syndrome, their needs, rights and dreams visible and important. Step by step, we are approaching a better society - a society in which everyone is IMPORTANT!
Feel how it is to be different from others!
Becoming a part of the promotion is easy!
Where will the money go

Education of specialists
The most valuable is the experience. The most important thing for the Down Syndrome is the dissemination of experience that helps to scale up support. To do this, we provide training for professionals that accompany people with the syndrome at different stages of life.
Helping families
The first years of life are important. Time is the most valuable resource in the early development of children with Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome specialists help parents find inner resources and not waste time

Advocacy for the Rights of People with Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome organization actively cooperates with the state and public sector to protect the rights of people with Down Syndrome. We establish bilateral relations with government officials, participate in meetings of relevant groups and coordination councils.
Supporting children and adults with Down Syndrome.
Our team works systematically with the government and business to establish important inclusive processes in society. More than ten years of experience in developing educational methods for teaching people with intellectual disabilities

Our Partners
Our Partners
Our priority is to provide urgent assistance to people with Down Syndrome during the war
It's easy to help
Since 2003, Down Syndrome has worked with partners, philanthropists, and volunteers for a better future, in which people with Down Syndrome are full members of society.
Russia's aggression has destroyed many of our assets and continues to do so.
Right now, during the war, we are doing everything to help people who have Down Syndrome providing their families with all the necessary things: medicines, clothes, and financial assistance – especially to those, who remain in Ukraine.
Our activities are possible thanks to the strong support of partners, volunteers and philanthropists of the foundation.
Our dream cannot be destroyed!

We will win!

Support people with Down syndrome
The funds raised in the form of contributions and voluntary donations will go to support families who are raising children with Down Syndrome
Support people with Down syndrome
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